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Welcome to Jurix Linux

Jurix is a cutting edge Linux distribution with the following features:

jurix uses the traditional unix philosophy KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! We have some problems to solve if we compile and install the source, pack the resulting binaries and want to use this as a distribution to install and update a server machine. Each of the different problems has a simple yet powerful solution, so that most of the work can be automated. Together with some of the strengths of the Internet like distributed work and testing, we'll get a very fine Linux distribution. Jurix is an open development on the Internet for a server Linux distribution.

downloading jurix

If you care to have a good copy of jurix Linux, you should use rsync for your download. The complete distribution can be downloaded with e.g.

      rsync -av --delete rsync://jurix.jura.uni-sb.de/jurix/ ~ftp/pub/jurix

Hosts with rsync access:

The following hosts offer jurix via ftp:

A sample configuration file to download jurix with mirror:

      # The 'defaults' package is used to make global settings.
      # This entry will download jurix.

Here is my /etc/rsyncd.conf to offer rsync access for other hosts:

      max connections = 30
      timeout = 600
      pid file = /var/run/rsync.pid
      syslog facility = daemon
      dont compress = *.gz *.tgz *.zip *.z *.Z *.rpm *.deb *.bz2
      comment = jurix Linux http://www.jurix.org/
      path = /local/ftp/pub/jurix
      gid = nogroup
      transfer logging = true
      log format = %o %h [%a] %m (%u) %f %l %b %t

mailing lists

General discussion about jurix development should be sent to <devel@jurix.org>. User level problems that do not directly improve the development like e.g. "How do I configure apache?" or "What email client would you recommend?" should go to <users@jurix.org>. If you don't expect an answer to your email, please write to <feedback@jurix.org>. You can write all success stories and development requests here and the real devel mailinglist should still stay low volumne.

To subscribe to one of the mailing lists, you have to send an empty mail to <listname>-subscribe@jurix.org (e.g. devel-subscribe@jurix.org).

currently included source packages

This list of currently used source packages is valid for the stable release of jurix for libc5. I plan to change it to reflect the current development release as most people looking at version numbers don't expect to see stable release numbers.

future plans

Until now, I have done most development myself. Adding better docu and better infrastructure should open up development and improve jurix.

I plan to do one further release of the libc5 version with updated ncurses, perl, XFree86, teTeX packages. Something like a definite last release with libc5... This won't happen until these packages are tested in the glibc-2.1.x release.

The DEC Alpha port was done in a chroot-environment and never booted or used on a real machine. I hope to get my hands on a DEC Alpha and do some more work on this port. At least I like the alpha architecture a lot. The basic system was compiled in three hours (to get the chroot-envionment) and nearly all packages were ready after three days of work.

The two most annoying things for glibc-2.1.x are currently the base/netkitb.tgz and the XFree86 package. Both should be replaced with better ones...

Please look at TODO for my current development list. (I'll try to split this file up...)

understanding jurix

I have written some documentation for jurix that is as of today outdated and wrong. Until the WWW pages contian more info, you might still find one or more hints about how jurix is designed.

If you want to effectively use jurix, you should understand how jurix is developed, what tools I use myself and what the principle design methods and goals are. Read more about that in my devel page.

installing jurix

Jurix is not easy to install if you are absolutely new to Linux. I recommend to install one of the other distributions first, learn a bit about all Linux tools and then check again if jurix could suit you. You should be willing to learn many development tools and the configuration files of many source packages. You won't get a good configuration tool or GUI to select your wishes and you might need to change jurix to work for you.

This is an idea how I would like to have the user documentation for jurix.

history of jurix Linux

help needed

You'd help jurix development if you

links to other Linux resources

Here is my collection of useful links to other Linux resources that might be useful for you.


I want to thank

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